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Invalidating a Will "For Lack of a Testator"


The touchstone of the law of Wills is to honor the Testator's intent.  So, for example, RCW 11.12.230 provides:


All courts and others concerned in the execution of last wills shall have due regard to the direction of the will, and the true intent and meaning of the testator, in all matters brought before them.


Practically speaking, in order to honor the Testator's intent, one must ensure that:

The general theme of all of these circumstances described on this page is that in the making of his/her Will, the Testator was "not present" or, if present, "not in touch with reality."  If this were a contract situation, we would say that there was "no meeting of the minds."  This lack of presence can be due to a variety of reasons, for example:

A forthcoming section of the website will explore further society's efforts to ensure that a Testator's intent is held sacred and protected, and how a testator's Will may in fact be invalid if that intent has been sacrificed.



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